The week that dreams are made of


February 2018, Goa, India

Brought to you by The Happy Startup School, Ashram will be a week long learning adventure like no other. Expect game-changing ideas, endless inspiration and incredible new friendships.

We're looking for 25 purpose-driven entrepreneurs and changemakers from around the world to gather, share stories, learn about life and business and take some time out to enjoy one of the world's most magical countries.

Read more about what happened at our first Ashram in Chennai earlier this year. Since that incredible event, businesses have been started, books have been published and a unique supportive community has been formed.

Now we're back to do it all again. This time Goa is calling. Ready?


“I said it before and now it has been proven again and taken to the next level. This is the future of business events. Likeminded people sharing experiences. Simple, beautiful and life changing.” Jack Hubbard, CEO Propellernet